Lessons in Hospitality

PineappleWhenever my travels take me to Little Rock I make it a point to stop in to @ the corner – a modern diner on Markham Street. While the food is consistently fantastic, the main element that keeps me coming me back time and again is the hospitality. I am drawn to their business for very personal reasons.

The owners can always be seen flitting about greeting customers and making personal connections. Each experience is unique and tailored to the patron that is being engaged. They take the time to get know each customer and utilize that knowledge to personalize the experience.

All too often we are subjected to a transactional service experience replete with scripted phrases and responses. It is refreshing then to encounter an establishment that is the embodiment of hospitality. A welcoming and relaxed atmosphere allowing for the utmost enjoyment. Instead of entering a building, one walks into a home. Instead of being greeted by a stranger, one is welcomed by friends. Instead of ordering food, one shares a meal. It is this relaxed and genuine approach to service that we should all strive to inject in our own service interactions.

In the spirit of hospitality…

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