How to Give Great Service

Service ExcellenceWe all know great service when we see it. But how do we convey its importance? How do we establish the parameters by which all of our associates deliver consistently?

Below is a definition of GREAT SERVICE that can be introduced in your organization to begin the culture of caring.

G – Guests first! Give maximum effort 100% of the time.

R – Respect guests and co-workers alike.

E – Esteem. Always be motivated and carry yourself with pride.

A – Ask for help when needed and give help when asked.

T – Thanks everyone. Always show gratitude.

S – SMILE! It will make someone’s day.

E – Everyone works as a TEAM (Together Everyone Accomplishes More).

R – Respond to verbal and non-verbal cues.

V – Value every guest and associate.

I – Initiative. Be proactive versus reactive in anticipating needs, resolving challenges, removing barriers.

C – Caring for your job, your guests and your co-workers.

E – Experience. Create a rewarding experience with every interaction.

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