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Sales and Service

Site, Sales & Service was the name of a successful in-house training program started by one of my sales managers at a select-service hotel. Early-on she identified that the Sales office shouldn’t close when she left the building, but the evening associates were under-equipped to properly give prospective clients site tours. She established a certification program by which each associate – regardless of department – spent 24 hours learning how to properly give a site tour (features vs benefits), the role of sales in acquiring new business (it’s more than lunches) and the impact on service. At the end of the program the associate would receive a certificate and was eligible to give site tours to prospective clients.




The program extended the reach of the sales office, gave confidence to front-line staff and increased corporate and group business because no guest had to wait on the Sales department. Although the market is more robust today we all need to be creative in maintaining our competitive edge and including all of our associates in the sales process. What programs have you initiated to drive sales and service at your properties?

In the spirit of hospitality…